Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How To-sday -Scrabble Tile Herb Markers

 One of the reasons I have been lazy about posting this spring is due to the fact my garden was on the Villa Park Garden Walk.  I was not even given a moment to post photos before it happened.  It was a bit more work than I realized when I agreed to do it.  But now the walk is over and I can enjoy the great garden I have and will share photos in upcoming days.

For now here are the steps I used to create the very popular scrabble tile herb markers that were all over my garden beds.

You only need a few materials to make these:
   Scrabble tiles (I got mine from garage sales and from Etsy suppliers)
   Waterproof Craft glue (I used "Quick Hold" craft glue)
   Wood strips (you can use paint stir sticks, but my carpenter hubby cut wood strips for me)

I placed a bit of glue on the back of a tile and placed it in position of the strip, centering side to side.  It is a bit mobile for a moment so I put glue on two other tiles and positioned them all together on the wood.

Once they were in position, I held them down with my fingers until the glue set somewhat.  I did not weight them down or use a press to hold them in place, just help with my fingers for a minute or less, then added three more tiles.

Once they were in position, not moving around, I let them sit on the table for 24 hours.  Then we sprayed them with spray shellac on both the front and the back and let that dry for another 24 hours before we put them in the ground outside.  

A few were not quite sealed and began to bow once it rained on them.  So we let them dry out and re-shellaced them to keep them garden ready.

That is it, nothing difficult, but they are easy to read, striking to see and fun to make!

So now you need to go Garage Saling.

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