Among our more than 250 different products we have a mixture of cooking, bath and tea items.  This is a sampling of our items all of which can be viewed on our website: or at our etsy store 

Our outdoor booth all set up!
For summer grilling and cooking light our Herb Mixes for salad dressings and meat and poultry rubs are always in demand.  For a quick seasoning on your vegetables and main dishes you can also try the Herb Seasonings to splash onto any dish.  For summer the Soup & Salad Seasoning and the Meat Seasoning are popular.  For a quick meal we also sell Recipe Combinations. A Recipe Combination includes an easy-to-follow recipe, shopping list and all the herbal ingredients you need to make a meal for four.  Another unique set of items are the blends we call Kitchen Mixes These are mixes for Scones, Muffins, Soups, Pancakes, Cider Seasoning, and the like.  We offer seasonal recipes and love experimenting with Scone blends, so always check in! 

Salt Substitutes and Gourmet Salts both in grinder jars are among our newest additions.

Afternoon Lift Tea

Best seller Calming Spirit Tea
The Backyard Patch is noted for its all-herb teas and our herb-flavored black and green teas.  I started making tea when I first began herb gardening, because at the time, the only herb teas available were single herb chamomile or peppermint.  I feel that herb teas must have complex and unique flavors only available when you blend herbs together and it also helps if they have medicinal benefits as well.  But first and foremost I blend my teas for taste.  We now offer 22 different herb blends and about 12 black and green tea blends infused with herbs.  We have just begun packaging our tea in Tins rather than bags to improve the long term freshness and our tea leaf quality. We also offer Tea Subscriptions where you can have a tea of the month sent to you on 3, 4, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.  Check out our website for all the details (

The newest line of items from the Backyard Patch is our Green Cleaning Supplies.  Herbal vinegars, essential oil based Cleaning Cloths and Dusting Cloths as well as Scouring Powders, Dishwasher Soap, Disinfecting Kitchen Cleaner and  other chemical free cleaning materials are all being offered now at the Backyard Patch.  

We also have Pet Herbs, Herb Vinegars, Seasonal Soups and Subscriptions for herb teas and cooking blends.
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