Monday, January 16, 2017

January is Hot tea month

To celebrate hot tea month this year, I dragged out the infusers and the teas I “have been meaning to try.” And put them front and center in the kitchen so that I can enjoy them morning and night.  I also took my hot pot to the office so I can make hot tea at work.  I think this will start a new and tastier habit for me in the office as well as show off my new tea blends as I make and test them in the weeks before I start to sell them.

So if you enjoy wrapping your hands around a warm cup of tea, you might want to make it a habit too. And if you need incentive, the evidence continues to mount that tea is good for you.

Heart health is the most notable benefit, says Jeffrey Blumberg, director of the Antioxidant Research Laboratory at Tufts University: "People who drink more tea do appear to have less risk of heart disease, and for those who have developed some cardiac event like a heart attack, those who are tea drinkers seem to have a lower incidence of a second event."

Herbal teas are more than just decaffeinated alternatives to regular black tea. In fact, they can be very powerful & beneficial, and whether you’re looking to improve your digestion, boost detoxification, curb your sweet tooth or if you need a natural sleep aid – there’s an herbal tea that can help! The secret is to buy the right tea & brew it the right way.

Tea is a bit like food – quality matters. There is the food in its natural state and then there’s the nicely packaged processed food, which is often void of any original goodness. In tea language, this means that the processed teabags with dust-like tea inside are more than likely devoid of any original aroma or nutritional value. Meanwhile, whole leaf teas are the very best choice and well worth the price difference. These teas have whole or slightly broken down pieces of leaves & stems and are not bagged but instead bought as a loose tea. These teas are full of uncompromised nutritional benefits, and aside from having a higher content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they also contain the fragile essential oils which are responsible for the medicinal properties of herbal tea. Loose and Fresh can truly make a difference to your health and improve your overall wellbeing. Check out the more than 25 varieties of Backyard Patch Herb Teas in our Etsy Shop.

After buying the right tea, brewing it right is just as essential. It all goes back to the beneficial essential oils. These oils are fragile and need to be preserved as best possible. Covering your tea while steeping it helps preserve these oils that otherwise easily escape in the steam, rendering the herb less effective medicinally.

Here are a few more useful brewing tips:
o    Make a whole pot of tea and use a tight lid to cover while steeping. Any tea pot with a lid or French press tea maker is good as long as it is covered up.  If you like your tea very hot get a cozy as well.  These are made by PawPrints onEtsy and are my favorite style that will fit any sizes of pot!
o    Let your tea steep for 10-15 minutes to maximize the health benefits of the herb.
o    Get a good tea cup infuser tool. The larger the better to give the leaf room to unfurl and release minerals and oils. We have been making beaded infusers for a year now.
o     Remember that herbal teas have medicinal properties and some of them can interact with certain medications. Check with your health care provider before taking any new herbal teas if you are on medication and if you are pregnant or nursing.

And finally, if you want to enjoy our teas and tea accessories like infusers, shortbreads and scones, use this discount code at checkout on Etsy for 20% off – TEASALE11

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