Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Garden Superstitions

When I get bored in the winter I start looking through old nots and information and sorting files.  This year I came across a number of files on various topics.  One was superstitions and traditional practices.  Today I thought I would share a few of those old wives tales.

Gazing balls – You need to keep your gazing ball well polished, because it reflects the sun into the eyes of evil spirits keeping them away.

Ants – a bringer of rain and a harbinger of rain.  According to legend if you want rain find some ants and stomp on them it is sure to bring rain.  If you see ants and they are agitated, then you will be getting rain soon.

Harbingers of frost – Frost is six weeks away if you witness any of the following: If the fawns lose their spots, katydids start to sing or if you see a walking stick.

Catching a cold – If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn, you will not catch a cold all winter.

Protection from curses – planting angelica, snapdragons or chamomile will protect you from curses and spells.

Treatment of scarecrows – It is important to treat scarecrows with care as they have been imbued with special powers to protect the garden.  

Never put up a scarecrow before Easter or on May Day (5/1).  The head should always point toward heaven and be covered with a hat. 

On the longest day of the year, put your scarecrow in the shade.  Give it a glass of water if it is dry.  

You must remove and burn your scarecrow before midnight on Halloween and never let anyone wear clothes that have adorned a scarecrow or there will be terrible consequences.

Planting cucumbers – According to tradition cucumber should be planted in the morning before sunrise, or they will be destroyed by bugs.

Telling time with your garden – Dandelions open between 7 and 8 AM; California Poppies open between 10 and 11 AM; Four o’clocks open at… wait for it… 4 PM; Evening primrose and moonflowers open at 6 PM; and daylilies and dandelions close at 9 PM.

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