Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Unlucky Ides of March

I had a Latin teacher in High School who held a party on the Ides of March each year.  As a result as soon as March 15 comes around I am feeling a need to say something so the Ides of March does not pass without comment.

According to the Romans the Ides, or the 15th, of the month was considered unlucky, I am sure Julius Caesar would agree! But how does one ward off the negativity of an unlucky day?

There are many herbs you can use to ward off evil or at least bad behavior.  Here is a short list:

1. Angelica - Wear a sprig inside your lapel to protect yourself from evil, but be careful you could also keep yourself from seeing opportunities.

2. Borage (see the herb of the month post on Borage) Borage leaves or flowers placed nearby will encourage people to tell the truth so you can avoid secrets, and dishonesty.

borage about to bloom
3. Caraway – wear the seeds in an amulet to protect against disease and ill health.  And if you put some in your spouses pockets it will protect against infidelity.

4. Dill – Hang a bundle of dill over a child’s bed to protect against evil fairies.

5. Fennel – bunches hung over the door were believed to keep away witchcraft.

6. Lavender will shield you and your home from negative energy.  This can be fresh or dried lavender, lavender essential oil or perfume or even incense in a lavender scent.

7. Marjoram – long known as a protector and healing herb, you can sprinkle it by the doorjamb to keep away burglars and unwanted visitors.

8.  Pennyroyal – this mint plant has a musky scent and can be burned to protect a home against domestic abuse or violence.

9. Rue: Wear a sprig fresh or dried in an amulet to protect yourself against illness.
rue seeds
10. Rosemary – used in a bath can protect the bather from negativity and evil.

11. Yarrow – packed into amulets to protect against blindness, robbers and barking dogs.

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