Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charcoal Grilled Chicken - Weekend recipe

First time grilling out!  It is early for grilling season, but sometimes once the weather gets warm I need to be outside and it is way to early to start gardening, so I am going to grill instead.

You don;t need much for this, just some garlic and thyme as the herbs ingredients, but with added lemon this is a special treat.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken
Roaster chicken
 2 Lemons
grate off about 2 Tsp lemon peel from one of the lemons
A large bunch of fresh thyme
One head of garlic
3 tablespoons of butter
salt and freshly ground pepper

Rinse the chicken with cold water (remove giblets and stuff), and pat dry. Salt and pepper chicken cavity thoroughly.  Cut garlic in half  crosswise, so the cloves are all exposed. Insert this into the cavity along with your large bunch of thyme and two lemons cut in half.  (You may only be able to fit 1 1/2 lemons depending on the chicken.  Melt three tablespoons of butter and stir in some lemon peel you grated off the lemons before placing in chicken.  Pour over the chicken, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and generous amount of salt.

To prepare your grill, get your charcoal hot and then scoop them to the exterior edge of the grill, create a plate with tin foil and place it in the middle hole where there are now not coals. Place the gill grate in the grill and put the chicken on  it above the foil plate and cook for an hour and a half.  it will be juicy and flavorful and you will wonder why you never tired it before.  Do not keep opening the grill, leave the chicken alone for  at least one hour.

When it is close to finished (use a thermometer to know that it has reach 180 degrees in the thickest part of the meat) add vegetables to the grill to make a perfect side.

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