Saturday, March 21, 2015

All Natural Air Freshener - Weekend recipe

Spring is finally here!  I have been opening the windows and doors for about a week to let in the fresh air, but sometimes that is not enough.  I mix together this essential oil air freshener to finally banish the smells of winter and bring on the crisp freshness of Spring!

All Natural Air Freshener Spray
1 cup filtered water
2 tablespoons unscented alcohol
15 drops or essential oil of lemon
15 drops essential oil of spearmint

Place the water in a spray bottle and add the alcohol (I just use rubbing alcohol, but if you want a sweeter scent use vodka or everclear instead.)  Then add the essential oils by drop and mix well by shaking.  Remember to shake well before each use, then mist the air around the center of a room and it will filter out the edges.

If you want to give your air freshener aromatherapy effects, and not just spring freshness, you can substitute any of these other essential oils.

Eucalyptus: air disinfectant, clear the sinuses and the mind
Peppermint/Spearmint:stimulating, wake-up sent
Lemongrass: fights fatigue; alertness
Sweet Orange: promotes a sense of well-being and happiness
Grapefruit: uplifting, dispels grief
Lavender: stress relief, skin disinfectant; calming, relaxes large muscles
Rosemary: stimulates the mind, energizing
Ylang-Ylang: sensual awareness, releases endorphins which produce euphoria and reduce pain
Rose Geranium:hormonal and mental balancing; repels insects

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