Monday, October 1, 2012

Kidney for Steve Donation and Auction

Recently I donated a box of Backyard Patch items to the family of Steve Nolan that is raising money for a kidney transplant operation.  Rather than restate all the details of the family and their situation, Here is a link to the Facebook page they created with all the details!/groups/423352361018192/

I was impressed with this young family and especially with Christine (Steve’s Wife).  Her upbeat nature and creativity is an inspiration.  It was a simple request for me to donate to this cause, but I am finding it means a great deal to be able to participate in this fundraiser. I have done this before and everytime I amazed at how enriched I feel from such a simple gesture. 


 Here is the link to the special "kiss the Cook" basket Christine created with my herbs and donations from others.   It is an awesome basket and deserves much more bidding than it is getting, so won’t you check it out:


To read more of Steve’s story and see a few images of this young family  check out their special web page:

Thank you!
Marcy Raleigh


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