Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Dinner - Steak au Poivre

My husband missed his calling.  Although he is very good at Financial Services and an excellent historian and researcher as well as a spectacular writer.  He is a really awesome cook!  People keep saying he should be a chef, and like a good chef he has a style that is uniquely his.

About a year ago I found a recipe for Steak au Poivre, I think it was the "easy version." We tried it and loved it.  The food is rich and not something to eat everyday, but it was creamy steaky goodness.  This year my husband promised me the dish for our anniversary, however I had a chronic sore throat and cough so the dinner was put on hold. 

This past Tuesday he made it...  It was heavenly. You can see the steak was a perfect Medium the cream sauce not too overpowering and well... It was almost better than sex!

Here is the recipe he used this time from the Food Network Chef, Alton Brown:

The steak was the main course.  Here was the meal:

There were seafood and cheese stuffed mushroom cap appetizers.

A killer Salad with his favorite herb seasoning on it.
Him whipping the Cream sauce just before pouring it over the steaks!
The steak with his thrice baked potatoes which he seasoned with a Cajun-eske set of seasonings and topped with olives.

He cannot drink red wine, so we did have white wine with the meal, but the sweetness was perfect with the sauce.

Overall it was a perfect Valentine's Dinner and the leftovers the next day made the entire office jealous!

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