Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making an Herbal Body Splash for Summer

It is hard to keep up on a blog when you spend all your time outside away from “electronics.”  However, I was reading up on skin treatments, as I noticed that my skin this summer is rather dry instead of oily (must be the change in sun screen) and decided this was worth sharing!
While doing my research I ran across a recipe for a body splash and I thought this is the best idea for summer.  Quick to use, easy to prepare and won’t conflict with my need to wear sunscreen while outside.  And if I have sunburn I can chill it in the fridge for some healing and cooling.
I got this recipe from a book called Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair by Dina Falconi.
I tried out the Spearmint Blend. Falconi describes it as “an invigorating, cleansing and hydrating splash for all skin types.”  Because of the nettle and fennel it also makes a great dry skin remedy.
Herbal Body Splash
A combination of spearmint, nettle leaf and fennel seeds (crushed with the mortar and pestle prior to use) equaling one ounce (which by volume is between 1/4 and ½ cup depending on how much fennel you use. (If you need stronger aroma, use more spearmint in your combination.)
  • 16 oz. of water
  • about 12 oz. 80 proof vodka
First, make an infusion with the herbs and water by pouring the 16 oz of water over the ounce of herbs and allowing it to steep for four hours. Strain.
Pour the strained infusion into a measuring cup and add an equal amount of liquor. Pour the mixture into a jar or bottle, cap and shake well.
If you have a spray bottle, you can spray it onto your skin, or you can pour a bit into the palm of your hand and splash it onto your face.  I use it after washing my face before bed and in the morning as a rinse.
If you would like a stronger blend or a more intense aroma, you can add 10 to 30 drops of  spearmint essential oil and 5 to 20 drops of fennel essential oil.
For an even more basic body splash, add 40 drops of essential oil of your choice to 4 oz. of distilled water or sparkling spring water. The spring water will give it a tingling sensation and more stimulating effect.  Adding 2 teaspoons of vodka will help to preserve the splash and also make it more astringent and cleansing.  Remember water alone has a short shelf life, so always add the alcohol.

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