Thursday, December 8, 2016

Backyard Patch Teas

Winter is a perfect time for tea.  I love it when it is cold, also when I am not feeling my best because of its soothing, warming and healing properties. I can never have enough flavors and styles and origins of tea, but I know that most people are not quite like that.  But think about tea like your closet, do you have only one color of clothing in your closet?  

No you have different fabric, textures, weights, patterns and colors.  The same is true of tea. A well-stocked tea  collection should be approached just as you approach filling your closet or your kitchen; choose a variety of different options, across a few broad categories, so that you know you’ll always have something to suit your mood. 

Not only are herbal infusions incredibly healthy, they are available in a huge array of flavors.  In fact, the choices when it comes to herbal teas might just be so wide that it becomes overwhelming.  If you feel like there are too many options to consider, you might be tempted to stick to the one brand or blend that you know, and forgo the rest of the possibilities.  But if you stick to only one herbal infusion, you’re missing out on some fantastic flavors, and some really valuable health advantages.  How can you branch out and expand your herbal collection without fumbling through the tea aisle of your supermarket for an hour?  

First of all, think about adding to your collection one herb tea at a time.  Try looking for an herbal tea in a different flavor profile than the one you already have at home.  Look at the options you have, and consider which category each belongs in:  floral (like hibiscus or orange blossom), fruity (like peach, berry, or apple), spicy (like cinnamon or Chai), or earthy (like rooibos or chamomile).  Once you’ve determined what flavor profiles you already have, experiment with a new flavor.  Or, try a new blend that mixes something you know you love with something you haven’t tried yet.  If you’re apprehensive about committing to a big bag of tea, before knowing whether or not you’ll like the flavor, seek out a sample size.

At Backyard Patch Herbs I make 22 varieties of Herb Tea, and a dozen teas with Green Tea and I create Black tea and herb blends whose number increases monthly as I blend custom flavors for groups.

One of my first herbal tea blends was called Nerve Soothing.  It was crafted to help people relax, but the blend also has medical properties as well, because of the herb ingredients.  Chamomile for reducing or handling anxiety, thyme for its medical cold overpowering properties and digestive help, marjoram for the cough and cold fighting abilities and sage to cool illness, anxiety and stomach issues so you can just relax.
Nerve Soothing tea

If you are interested in sampling teas, try out the Tea Samplers where you can get a grouping of three teas on various themes like Marvelous Mint or Luscious Lavender. 

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