Sunday, December 11, 2016

Elgin Show and Open House

I am prepping for a Show in Elgin On Saturday and my Open House at the House on Sunday so it is wild and hectic and clean, very clean!!  I am making myself stay downstairs in the herb room if I am even thinking about making a mess!  But mostly today I am packing the car and labeling the herbs!

If you want to stop over at the house on Sunday we will have the cider and cocoa ready beginning at 11 AM and welcome anyone up until Masterpiece Theater is on Sunday evening (7 or 8 PM)  Address and location info is included on the Facebook events page also, linked here.

For those too far away to stop by we have a Deal of the Day each day (however- as a bonus I will not be able to get online to update things until Monday so technically all these deals will last all weekend!)

Friday - Bath Tower - for the weekend we will make the Bath Tower only $10.00 instead of $12 so you can get three decoratively packaged bath salts in lavender lemon and grapefruit with a cute wood scoop.

Saturday - 20% off anything in the gift and gift basket section of Etsy.  We have a gift basket section with teapot, tea mugs and tea cups, as well as manly basket called Master of the Universe and other gift items and any of them will be 20% OFF with this coupon code: BASKET20

Sunday - Free Shipping on all orders over $25.00.  Just use the code FREESHIP on our Etsy Store or Square Store. If for any reason it does not work, we will refund your shipping charges quickly!

Monday - and on the off chance I am still not recovered on Monday, here is the Monday Deal as well - Buy One Get One FREE on all Herb Mixes - this includes our Dill Dip, Ranch Dressing, Meat rubs and all the herb mixes we have.  They are included in several listings, you'll know them when you find them, as they are all priced at $2.35, but most of theme are here: Herb Mix TOTAL

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