Friday, September 16, 2016

Backyard Garden Update September

All we have been doing this month is harvesting more vegetables.  My tomatoes, herbs and cucumbers all won blue ribbons at the end of August, so I was pleased.  I expect to have more tomatoes to enter and some flowers this month.  Trying to decide which herbs to submit this time.  I have Rue, golden oregano and rosemary that all look spectacular right now.

the cats gave me the cat art for my birthday

The side yard is actually beginning to look like a garden area.  We acquired some perennial plants for shade in August and they are doing well.  I expect they will look wonderful next year.  I got a wooden chair from someone's curbside that adds just the right touch against the fence and this week I am making cement path steps.  I will post a HOW to on that.

The acorn squash is producing well, but how can it not with no competition in the bed now that the corn is gone.

Tomatoes are still prolific, much salsa and sauce has been made.  Salsa was canned, sauce was frozen.

herb garden rosemary at center left; golden oregano on right

Making my "next year" list -- So far it includes:

Melon/musk melon or cantaloupe
One plant of baking pumpkins
Spaghetti Squash (Hubby loves it with homemade sauce)
No early girl tomatoes next year, try a dwarf tomato instead I think

Another herb bed, this one is full!

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