Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Garden update - starting from scratch

Man I forgot how much work starting from scratch is with a garden.  And the weather is not cooperating.

Here is the space where the raised beds are to go... Grass obviously not dead.

Here is the converted sand box.  The herbs you see were rescued from my community patches last fall after we moved.  Some were transplanted late so I worried that they might not make it.  Some did not, others are coming up well.  To my surprise it was the Lemon Balm that died.. Lemon Balm, really?  The L-shape is for the new herbs for this year.

One leaf may be lemon balm, but I am not holding my breath.

This side garden is for cutting and wild flowers, but the soil is not warm enough yet to germinate the seed, so I have not actually planted anything!

This is the rain garden, doing its job after 1 1/4 inches of rain this past weekend.  It overflowed, so hubby admits that perhaps I should have made it bigger.  He convinced me to make it only 150 square feet.  We will be expanding it soon!

I wanted to cover that sewer clean out (upper right corner of rain garden photo) and got a great pot.  However, the color did not stand out at all against the green of the hedge, so I spray painted the set of pots terra cotta (actually "Cinnamon" according to Rustoleum) and they are so much more striking from the road now!

I will post another update when I finally have some good weather and can plant something.  This weekend is the Garden Club of Villa Park Native Plant and Herb Sale, so by Monday I will have all kinds of things to put in the ground.

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