Monday, March 31, 2014

Treating a Last-season Cold with herbs

Late season colds can really ruin your ability to enjoy the spring weather we are finally getting.  Sometimes the best way to exist through a cold is to diminish the congestion.  I have two remedies for congestion.

An herb-based tea featuring cayenne pepper will clear the sinuses very quickly.  You can obtain our Work Cure tea or make your own using this recipe:

Work Cure Herb Tea
            3 t. peppermint
            2 t. thyme
            1/8 t. cayenne
            (If you double or triple this recipe, don’t double the cayenne)

Combine ingredients and use 1 tsp. per cup of hot water.  Drink over the course of a day, rather than as your morning brew.

You can also make and Antiviral Spray with eucalyptus.  It will remove airborne viruses and the eucalyptus will open the nasal passages.

Antiviral Spray
30 drops eucalyptus essential oil
4 ounces distilled water

Place both ingredients in a fine mist spray bottle and shake well before using. Use the mist often when feeling congested or when exposed to colds and viruses. Keep a bottle handy to spray on pillow, hands, and phones, especially an office or desk phone others are using.

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