Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whitening Stained Finger Nails

This time of year I have been gardening and weeding outdoors for several months. And even though I wear gloves, my nails tend to get darkened from the soil.  I found this recipe in the Herb Companion Magazine.  

It is a simple Nail Whitener that you can apply to your nails to remove stains and discolorations.  If your stains come from nail polish, rather than dirt, it works on that too!  The main ingredient is orange flower water, like rose water, you can pick up this at a gourmet stores as it is normally used to make fragrant drinks or orange flavored desserts.  Be aware that you should moisturize your hands if you use lemon juice near them as it is very drying.

Nail Whitener

2 Tbls. orange flower water
1 tsp. lemon juice, fresh

Blend ingredients and place in a clean lidded container.

To Use: Apply with a cotton swap or pad and apply to clean, dry nails.  Allow to dry.  Repeat two or three times.  You do this over and over until your nails are back to their natural color.  

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