Thursday, June 14, 2012

Patio Gardens - Gardening in Small Spaces

I was tooling around Etsy again looking for accessories and garden ideas and I came across some great custom made garden spaces you can pick up there. 

The first was this recycled garden on a shutter that I just loved.  Living in an apartment, I do not get to look outside at my lush garden which is 11 miles from my home, so what to do on my patio to bring home the wonder of my larger garden always plagues me.  Especially because I want it to be more original that it sometimes is.  But look -- you can get this perfect decorative garden that you can hang on any wall or patio, is it not a joy?
The maker is Jennifer Stevenson of New Jersey.  Her shop on Etsy: Elizabeth Kate Décor is named after her two daughters.  The shop is somewhat new, but I just loved the items she has and this planter was intriguing.
She credits her daughters for the inspiration for her clever items and I can imagine the fun they must have when you design a sign that states” The grass is greener where you water!”

Another item I found while on my quest is this wood pallet garden.  I have wanted to make a wood pallet into a garden space because it is the perfect display for a porch like mine, but the husband is not too keen on it.  Maybe I should show him this picture and explain someone else will do most of the work!
This is from a shop called Woodposte and Rick is the maker in Little Rock, Arkansas.  His shop is new also, opening just in April of this year. He has some unique wood items and this was among them.  He explains that he didn't grow up working with wood but his grandfather did and is still going. Rick says he has come to enjoy it and all the power tools that come with the hobby. The shop name comes from a unique place as well, it is crafted by combining family names. Wood is his grandfather, father, and older brother's middle name while Poste is the middle name of his father-in-law.

His comment about how he ended up working in wood products in charming. “I guess I should have seen it coming since I ran track like my grandfather, had the same college major as my grandfather, and enjoy the same career my grandfather enjoyed. He's a good man.”

And how can you go wrong with this mini herb emporium by your home?
If what you are looking for is the plants already gathered together for you to grow, I found that too!
This perfect little garden package comes with six live plants.  This herb garden in a box includes your choice of 6 plants from an extensive list that includes Garlic Chive, Onion Chive, Oregano, Parsley, thyme, tarragon, basil, spearmint, marjoram, tarragon, winter savory, rosemary, lemon thyme, sage, and peppermint.  She promises to give recipes, or you can stop back here to get a few too!
The name of the shop is Sosucculent.  With herbs I can always agree!  Gayle has an older shop, opened back in 2009 and a great background in gardening and plants.
According to Gayle, she grew up in a family greenhouse and floral design business in Cleveland, Ohio.  Being from Northeastern Ohio myself I could not resist someone who knew Cleveland was once known as the Greenhouse Capital of the World.   A graduate of Ohio State University for Nursery and Landscape Management, she eventually started an Herb Farm. It was later that she discovered cold hardy succulents and gave up as much of the herbs to enjoy her new found friend.  I will not hold that against her because she still has herbie things for me to enjoy.  The store is populated with many succulents in some of the most original containers and arrangements I have seen.  A true joy to look at.

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration of herb gardens you can have at home and that you will visit these shops and stop back here for recipes and ideas once you have your garden started!


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