Monday, February 28, 2011

Herbal Room Fresheners - Early Spring

In winter I long to throw open the doors and let the fresh air in, but when the temps are still giving us freezing rain, like they will be this week, I have to try something else to refresh my home.

I try these herbal room fresheners:

  1. Hang sachets of aromatic potpourri from the door handles or sunny windows.
  2. Push herb or spice sachets down the sides or back of couch cushions or inside cushion covers.
  3. Place a container of potpourri in the living room or bedroom.  Remove lid and stir potpourri and let scent fill the room.
  4. Keep a small porous pottery bottle filled with a favorite essential oil near a sunny window so that the heat will cause the oil to evaporate.
  5. Dab a little essential oil on a light bulb before turning it on.
  6. Put a couple drops of spicy essential oil on a cotton ball and wipe over your heater vent in winter time for a comforting fragrance.


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