Friday, September 17, 2010

September Garden Care

September is the time to choose your garden plants to rescue from harsh winter winds.  Anything you want to bring in for winter should be handled now and annual seeds can be sewn for next year. 

Scatter your dill or coriander seed in the garden in the fall and if soils and garden conditions are right, it will sprout in the spring giving you an early crop.  You should dig up and repot your tender plants in September to give them time to adjust to the pot before bring inside in late September or early October when the frost arrives.

Place your dug plants in fresh sterile soil in clean pots and put them in a shady spot for a week or so.  Then you can place them back in the sunshine until bringing them inside.

Sturdy plants like a scented geranium that is a few years old will tolerate a thorough washing before repotting to remove any insect eggs nestling among the roots or leaves.  Rinse the roots, cut back the root system by one third and give the foliage and stems a sudsing in a lukewarm solution of mild soapy water.  Rinse the foliage off in a bucket of clear water.

Besides the Scented geraniums, plant to bring in rosemary, marjoram, bay and any perennials you wish to enjoy fresh.  Mints for example, do well inside in a hanging basket near a sunny window, leaving room for spreading roots.

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