Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prepping for Fall - Online needs

I went out for a walk the other day with the sole purpose of getting some photos to use on my websites.

I seem to remember that I need a fall or a winter picture once I need them but not before when I can go and take them in the correct season.  This year I have been much better about that.  So last week when the weather was balmy and warm yet still getting ready for fall, I went on a photo escapade.

These Mums seem to be very popular.  I found them in three different plantings in my neighbor hood.

The trees did not give the color they have in the past, but there were still some striking situations when the trees showed there stuff.

I was out this day actually looking for something I can use for my winter banner on my Facebook Page and in my Etsy shop. Although the Sumac was tempting with its amazing red colors....

I decided to go with tradition when I found this pine tree bursting with cones.

The sunlight was just right in the late afternoon, the cone just pop and I knew I had my image.  I think I took about 75 photos of this tree. I will not share them all.)

I turned them into this banner....

And this one with words....

Now you know what I was doing this Fall.  What have you been doing?

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