Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Simmering Spices the Natural Way - How to

This recipe is large enough to give you aromatherapy for the entire holiday season.  Remember that sweet oranges helps improve feelings of happiness and cinnamon gives you contemplative and restful thoughts.

To make this blend you need to use a container that is disposable, as you cannot make this in a bowl you want to serve food in later.  I use a bowl made from the base of a 2 liter pop bottle, so when I am finished I can recycle it and not worry that it would be used for food.

Gather your herbs and spices and you cinnamon and sweet orange essential oils.  I also use cellulose fiber for a binder to help the mixture retain its scent.

Add the herbs and spices to the bowl and stir to mix.
1/4 cup each of rose hips, coriander, rosemary, cinnamon, allspice and orange peel.

Add the 1/4 cup cellulose fiber to another bowl (bottle bottom) and place the essential oil on the fiber by drops.  You will use 1 tsp. of each oil which is 120 drops each. or 5 ml.  Stir the cellulose until the oil is absorbed.

Then blend the cellulose and herbs together.  Remember to keep away from the skin or face.  Cinnamon oil is a skin irritant so if you get it on your skin wash it off immediately.

To use:  Place 1 Tbls. of simmering spices into a non-food use pan with 1 quart of water.  bring to a simmer and keep on stove on very low heat.  Add more water as needed.  I picked up this pot at the thrift store and will use it all season, then discard it after using it to mix potting soil in the spring.

You can make a smaller version of this recipe as follows:

4 Tbls. rose hips
4 Tbls.rosemary
4 Tbls.coriander
4 Tbls.cinnamon
4 Tbls.allspice
4 Tbls.orange peel
4 Tbls. cellulose fiber
60 drops of cinnamon essential oil
60 drops sweet orange oil

At the Backyard Patch we make a wonderful Cider Blend that you can also use as a simmering spice.  We call it Spice Cider / Mulled Wind Blend.  Follow the link to see this and our other seasonal spices.

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