Friday, July 6, 2012

Giveaway Winners Thank you for participating

Sorry it has taken so long to get to this.  We were hit by a terrible storm on July 1st and that stole away my internet access.  But here are the winners of the Orange Citrus Bath Salts:

We had five people post comments here, so all five of them win a package:

The Ugly Barn Farm
Mama SamSam
Jamie Leigh
Kim May

Then we chose 5 random people who shared about us on Facebook.  For this we used a randomizer from and came up with this list:

Madiha Fatima
Zari Cherie
Maria Etheridge
Wild Montana Herbs
Ellen Schwartz

Everyone needs to send me a mailing address to the backyardpatch (at) email and I will send off the salts.

For those who were not aware.  This is what we are giving away:

If you are interested in making these salts for yourself, please take a look at our How To post!

And please consider donating to the MS Society.

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