Friday, October 1, 2010

Cold Enough for Cider?

Autumn is without doubt my favorite season.  Being born in September and married in October it is also associated with my favorite celebrations. I love whent he leaves change and the colors become vibrant.  Living in mid US most of my life I have witnessed the seasonal changes with joy for decades.  Even though I wish my the growing season were just -- THAT MUCH longer, I also would not want to miss this season change.

This year, after a hot, wet summer is a nice change.  The weather has been 60s and 70s for about a month now with cool evenings.  I have been able to ride my bike without sweating and enjoy the flora and fauna. 

The cool evenings and changing leaves made me turn my mind to the warming joy of apple cider.  The Backyard Patch has been making cider seasonings for quite a long time.  My first blend Spiced Cider/Mulled Wine was served to volunteers from my husband's museum who would join us on Christmas Eve for refreshments and a visit to see if farm animals talked.  Then I put a blend into tea bags and called it Mulled Cider.  I also crafted a sugar-based blend to made Spiced Wine.  And more recently I designed a Wassail Blend for my sister-in-law's wedding favors.  Each of these blends combines the sweet and spicy aroma of the apple, cinnamon, cloves and other spices to warm the heart and home.
At the Backyard Patch, we make these available only during the winter season, so we have gotten out the listings, polished them up and blends a brand new batch of Cider Seasonings, so check out our listings at both Ebay and Etsy: or 

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