Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Gift Sets

I have to admit we were well into January before I realized Valentine’s is right around the corner. It's time to think about that special someone for Valentine's Day.  And I will make it easy for you, just click and order--no need to shop or mail.  I'll do it for you. You'll have to order right away, though.

Here's what we've got for the romantic day:

Premium Valentine's gift set: You get Pink Champagne Bath salts, Champagne truffles, Fizzing Romantic Rose salts in a test tube, and a bottle of luscious body lotion.  Comes in Romantic Rose scent, unless you request another scent. Beautifully packaged in a pink & red Pillow Box. All this for $24!

Pink Petite Valentine's gift set: This lovely set includes Pink Champagne Bath Salts, luscious body lotion, and fizzy bath salts. This one is also beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving, and scented in Romantic Rose, unless you request another scent. Just $15 for this set!

Sizzling Conversation Set – This set contains three Fizzy Bath salts, each in a test tube and packaged in an organza bag. Three scents or one single scent.  We will package the romantic rose or any other scent you choose.  They're cute, unique, and only $10!

Pair of Hearts: This cute paring is perfect for a wife, girlfriend, friend, or anyone you'd like to bestow a novel, but inexpensive gift on.  This pairing is a lavender bath salt blend with a lavender-based Herbal Tea.  Nestled on colorful shred in a takeout box. Ready for gift-giving. It's a great little something for only $5 

Fragrances available: Lemon Citrus (a grapefruit, orange and lemon blend), Romantic Rose, Lavender, Lavender Patch (lavender & patchouli), or Dreamy Herbal Blend (notes of Palmarosa, Lavender, and Clary Sage marry to create a provocative blend)

To see other items from the Backyard patch, check out our Website: or our Etsy Shoppe where we post all the seasonal specials like these gift sets.

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  1. This could be a unique valentines gift, so lovely one.


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