Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loose Herbal Tea - Hot Tea Enjoyment Series #2

On February 8th, I introduced a list of 7 suggestions for introducing or enjoying tea in all its forms both those made from herbs and those made with Camellia sinensis.  

In this post, I will focus on item #2. (If you want to see the original list of 7 see this post:

2.  Buy loose tea instead of bags. Loose tea creates a bolder, fuller flavor because it doesn’t constrict the leaves like bags do. 

Suddenly, tea is everywhere.  In grocery stores, tea sections suddenly have swollen to accommodate more brands and varieties. There is more tea out there now than I ever imaged was possible when I first began designing herbal tea blends in the 1990s.
According to tea blogger, David Ramsay, the big action is in loose leaf tea, which generally is of the best quality. Bagged tea has advantages, but it's generally the cheaper bits.  So those who really want to enjoy the flavor of tea or herbal tea need to try loose tea.
"It's like wine. You can buy your $6 bottle versus a very nice French wine. Actually, the tea business is marketing itself that way."
Tea cycles in popularity.  When I first started making herbal tea, you could not buy much if any at the grocery.  What you could find was chamomile tea bags or peppermint tea bags, but no teas with blends of herbs.  It was that reason I began growing and blending herbs all those years ago.
What makes me happy at this time is that my firm belief that there is just something about a good cup of tea, seems to be catching on.  Now instead of just wanting herbal tea for its medicinal properties which was the first wave of interest I saw in my business, people are just want to enjoy tea – Good tea.
We have to overcome years of stereotypes that the only people who drink tea are elderly women of British ancestry.  However, their tea was usually black tea, only sometimes flavored with herbal oils, like Earl Grey.  Now you can find imaginative tea flavors, which appeal to young people, making Tea more popular.
Some people buy for the taste, some for the perceived health benefits. But although tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, it is not quite that popular in the U.S. as yet.
If you didn't come from a tea drinking family, like I did, then the path to sipping it often begins with a sore throat and the belief that herbal teas have special medicinal properties (they do, by the way!)  It is this sampling that results in becoming hooked forever.
Now it is people like Dr. Oz who will mention teas and create a massive desire by the public to try it.  I believe whatever it takes to create converts is a good thing because I want everyone to enjoy tea as much as I do!
Many people argue that Herbal Tea has no favor, but I argue back that you just have not tried the correct blends of Herbal Teas.  So, if you want to try some flavorful as well as soothing loose tea, the Backyard Patch makes more than 22 varieties of caffeine-free herbal teas and another dozen or more herb blended green teas and herb flavored black teas. All of which can be found on our website and in our e-bay and etsy stores.


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