Sunday, May 7, 2017

Body Powder Puff – DIY (for MOM)

Mothers Day is May 14, 2017, so I thought this month I would share a great step-by-step for making a powder puff you can give to mom for Mother’s Day.  And if you don’t have a mom to make one for, treat yourself!

Body Powder Puff
 10” square of fabric or a cloth hanky (vintage items are perfect for this)
½ cup French white clay
1 Tbls. Powdered rose buds
1 Tbls. Powdered lavender buds
20 drops of lavender essential oil
20 drops of rose geranium essential oil
Cotton batting
Rubber band
12” of decorative ribbon (that compliments the fabric)

If you do not have or cannot find powdered herbs, make them yourself.  Using about 4 to 5 Tbls. of dried crumbled rose petals or lavender buds, run them in a blender or food processor or even a clean coffee grinder until you get a fine powder.

Mix powdered herbs with clay and add essential oils.  The oils will ball up in the clay so mash them with the back of spoon to get them to granulate and mix evenly into the clay.

Place the clay mixture in the center of the fabric, which you have laid out on a flat surface face down.
Place the batting on top of clay and gather up the 4 corners of fabric and secure with a rubber band.
Tug in all the edges of the fabric to create a tight ball with no gaps.

Cover the rubber band with the decorative ribbon tied in a pretty bow.

To use: Pat the powder puff on skin, then rub the clay in.  You can also use this to dust and scent the bed linens.  It is fun to find an old tin or cardboard box at a vintage store to put the puff in, or decorate a plain take out box with personalized art.

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