Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chicago Flower and Garden Show - Infusing Cream

Today at 3:30 pm and tomorrow at 2 pm I am speaking at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier.  

If you do not have tickets yet, check out this link.

Today my program is called Infusion
I will be detailing how to infuse the flavors and scents of herbs into salt, sugar, water, oil, vinegar and more.  Here is one of the things I want to share during the program:

Herb infused cream
You can flavor cream with the essence of herbs easily and quickly and then whip up the cream to make toppings on fruit salad, pies and other places where cream is a great addition.

Heavy Cream
Fresh Herbs

  1. Place heavy whipping cream in a container that is not too shallow (you want the herbs to be fully covered while they steep). 
  2. Wash any fresh herbs that you want to use, and rip them coarsely by hand to release the essential oils (no need to chop them up finely, keep them on their stems so you can remove them easily).
  3. Place the herbs in the cream, to submerge fully. Cover and refrigerate for at least 6-12 hours.
  4. Remove the herbs, and now you have herb-infused cream! 

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