Monday, April 18, 2016

Eight Unique Herbal Gifts for Mom

As Mother's Day approaches, I get asked what is a good herb gift for a mom.  It is a simple question with a huge answer.  So I thought I would put together a list of suggestions for Mom that include herbs from loving the scent to tea to just enjoying the look of them.  There is a gift here for all types of herb lovers!


1. Grow your own Herbs with an Herb in a Pot (available from the Backyard Patch for $6.50 each)

This terra cotta clay pot combination includes soil, seeds, instructions and recipes for growing your own herb in a pot.  Tied into a package with raffia and twine it makes its own rustic gift box. Herbs available include: Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Oregano, and  Chives.

2. Chase bugs and enjoy the relaxation of Lemon Grass Candles (available from Ashka Candles for $6.50)

Lemon grass scent energizes and relieves nervousness with its strong bug chasing scent.  These 4 ounce candles will burn for 30 hours or more.


3. You can a new tea every month with a Tea Subscription (available from the Backyard Patch in differing lengths)

You receive two bags of loose tea, a tea infuser and a description of the tea in a decorative container each month.  You can customize the tea selections or leave the choices to us.

4. Beaded Tea Ball (available from the Backyard Patch for $3.50 each)

A bead decorated tea ball that will look elegant in any cup or mug!

5. Tea Samplers let Mom try out several teas (available from the Backyard Patch for $4.95 each or a set of 3 for 15.00)

These brochure-shaped samplers contain tea infusing bags, and three small packets of loose teas on themes like Bright Morning, Marvelous Mint or Luscious Lavender.


6.  A Plant Press lets you save leaves and flowers and enjoy them later  (available from KathleenEmilyAnne for $30.00)

This plant press book is a set of paper envelopes into which you can place leaves and flowers and hold shut with the elastic band.  It is portable so you can take it on a walk with you and save memories.

7. Chocolate Cake in a Mug (available from the Backyard patch for $10.95 for 2)

Never forget Chocolate is an herb and this quick and easy cake can be made in the microwave in the mug provided.  Many mug patterns and styles available.  Save shipping by ordering more than 2.

8. Herbal Note Cards (available from LoriLooDesigns for $6.49)

Note writing is becoming a thing of the past, but your Mom may still be one to enjoy sending a thoughtful card and these wonderful photo note cards with herbs come in sets of three!

So hopefully I have given you some ideas for items to give your Mom to celebrate her special day!

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