Thursday, July 9, 2015

Comfrey as a Fertilizer

Comfrey is an invaluable plant in the herb garden.  (Around here we call it Indian boneset.)  In addition to the medicinal and cosmetic uses. It is a plant containing all the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth in a digestible form.   It has a high potash content and is also a source of nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements.

As such you can use it as a fertilizer in all of the following ways:

As a mulch, by spreading freshly cut Comfrey leaves round plants (Black currents and fruit bushes especially benefit from this treatment).  Laying a topping of grass clippings adds bulk and accelerates the decay and release of nutrients.

Add Comfrey leaves to the compost heap in thin layers between other compost.  It will work as an activator encouraging the breakdown of other plant material.  Avoid the roots in this mixture or they will regenerate and sprout new plants.

Fill a bucket halfway with comfrey leaves and cover with water to create a liquid fertilizer.  It needs to steep for 4 to 5 weeks covered.  Strain off the liquid (beware it will be smelly) and use it undiluted as an organic fertilizer for container plants, tomatoes and general garden use.

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