Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Recipe - Orange Mint Skin Toner

Mint Orange Toner

It is getting that time of year to harvest and the recent rain has really made the herbs sprout.  This skin toner recipe is quick to make with some fresh mint and left over orange peel.  Orange is high in vitamin C which helps protect your complexion.  Mint leaves are high in iron and menthol which will tighten your pores after cleansing.  And while the temps are still warm, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a cooling effect.  Use this after cleansing to rid your skin of surface residue and dead skin cells.

3 Tbls. fresh mint leaves
1 orange peel
2 cups boiling water
1 Tbls. witch hazel

Place mint leaves and orange in a ceramic bowl and pour boiling water over them.  Allow mixture to steep and cool completely.  Strain out mint leaves and peels and stir in witch hazel.  Pour into a clean container with a tight-fitting lid. 

To Use: Apply Mint Orange Toner to your skin after cleansing with a clean cotton pad.  You can also use in a spray bottle after bathing or a freshner throughout the day.

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