Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebrate in Miniature - Make a Fairy Garden

April 30th (yesterday) was May Eve, when everyone should be on the lookout for Fairies. When I read that in my email, I was intrigued by the idea.  I have toyed with the idea of a fairy garden on my patio for some time and with this push went hunting for Fairy Garden accessories.  I found three great vendors on Etsy during my search that have perfect accessories for you to create a personalized Fairy Garden.
This is an example of the Patio from Janit Calvo

The first person I found was Janit Calvo of Seattle, Washington.  Using her website Two Green Thumbs.com, she helps people turn up their creativity and become expert miniature gardeners. Her Etsy store and website are filled with accessories and kits, including my favorite which is a kit for making a stone patio in miniature.  As Janit says, “Miniature Gardening, it's where craft and garden meet.”

Fairy Garden by Susie Morgan Wilburn
Susie Morgan Wilburn was my next discovery.  She is from Toms Brook, Virginia and her specialty is pottery.  She makes great miniatures of tables, chairs and accessories.  She named her shop, Laughing Orange Studio which comes from the Sherwin Williams paint color on her house.  She has a blog and other information on her website: www.laughingorange.com.  What caught my eye was a kit for making a fairy garden in a broken clay pot.  So creative and fun.

Garden Flowers Wheelbarrow Ensemble

The third shop to catch my attention was from California.  The owner is named Jayme and her shop is filled with great Fairy accessories.  From a Gazebo to benches and chairs to watering cans and small clay pots it is a treasure trove of fun miniatures.  Being a nursery owner since 2003 she has been teaching classes on making fairy gardens and has noticed an increase in popularity recently.  She feels it is the charm and magic they bring.  My favorite was a wheelbarrow ensemble that included a shovel and garden boots.
According to Jayme "Fairy gardens are a wonderful way to let your imagination soar!They can be very magical for the young and old alike."
For those who want to start small, I also found this little kit. You take this and your own inspiration and you can have fun with herbs like thyme, miniature rosemary, corsican mint and succulents to craft your own Fairy Garden.

I hope that you find these sellers as much of an inspiration as I did.  I am looking forward to finally crafting a cute garden nook for the fairies who gather on my porch each twilight.


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  3. Wondrously whimsical fairy finds! I repinned. :D

  4. I do post on facebook updates to the blog and the website and the newsletter so here is that link:

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