Saturday, April 2, 2011

Herb Garden Photos

Lamb's Ear still hiding from the cold
I was out cleaning out beds in the garden and took these pictures of the herbs.  As you can see the soil here is not warming up very quickly as we usually have more growth by this time in March.  The overcast days and spits of rain that have plagued our March have left me with not much to look at as I scrape away the mulch and cut back the dead stems.
These fuzzy green leaves are catnip
Lady's Mantle with is new growth poking out of the old

Lavender, looks like rosemary with the leaves all curled from winter wind.

Coral bells rescued from my house when we moved
crocus the squirrels must have donated

This is parsley.  I tossed some seed into the raised bed after clearing out the annuals in the fall.  It worked!
The good news is I still have lots of dried herbs preserved from last season which I am using to make my blends, so if you are itching for herbs to sample, stop by my Ebay or Esty stores!

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