Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Scent Surpise from the Lemon Verbena lady

Recently I entered a giveaway on the blog of my herbal freind Lemon Verbena Lady.  I enter herbal giveaways when ever I run across them because you never know what might happen.  Well, this time I WON!

Here is the amazing scent collection I received as a result.  It was actually in a basket (there was some question about that happening) and included a cute herb tea towel, I think I will take with me when I give lectures.

Many of the scented items were crafted at the Village Herb Shop in Chagin Falls, Ohio, where Lemon Verbena Lady took a recent trip.

If you look carefully you will find that there is a Jingle Bell Potpourri, a Simmering Spice Blend, a cleaning spray and a room spray and some reed scent diffusers with a great "strung popcorn" scent.

There was a short note inside which said look for a few surprises as well.  I am guessing these wonderful Herb Jellies were part of that surprise.

Now I have never been to the Village Herb Shop, even though it is not far from my hometown.  It opened after I moved to Chicagoland, but I have corresponded with Kathleen Kips the proprietor on many occasions and I recommend a trip to the shop if you are ever in the Cleveland area.  Kathleen is most noted for her knowledge of the Language of Flowers and Herbs and has a wealth of information on the subject to share.  The shop is located in a great victorian and surrounded by gardens.

There was one extra surprise that made me jump for joy!  You see that bright orange folder?  That is an herbal mustard seasoning from the Reppert's herb shop The Rosemary House  in Mechanicsburg, PA.

That seasoning is called the Mayor's Magic Mustard Mix.  The Mayor refers to Mr. Reppert the former Mayor of Mechanicsburg.  Since Mustard is a passion of mine, I cannot wait to try this and all the recipes included.  The Rosemary House is known for their special seasoning blend called Roastmary about which my husband says I make nothing that can compare to its perfect blend of seasonings for roasting meat and vegetables.  I've given up trying to copy it and just buy a proper supply each season.  Here is the link if you wish to do the same: Roastmary!

So a super big thank you to Nancy, the Lemon Verbena Lady, for this special package of herbal surprises that arrived just in time for the holiday!  That wonderful ornament/decoration is already hanging on my herbroom door!


  1. Glad the baskets and herbal extras found a good home! Enjoy them! xxoo LVL

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