Friday, December 30, 2011

Herb Calendar for 2012

I am not an artist.  The only drawings I ever did with any skill were the recreations of stone tools for my catalog sheets and site reports back 30 years ago when I was an archaeologist.  I was never able to transfer that skill in drawing to anything else.

Herbal calendars with pictures and herb info are always popular with me and I have kept every one I have received, hoping someday to transfer my own information into somthing similar with all my herb photos.  I actually took steps to accomplish that toward fall of 2011 and found it was a bit more work than my limited computer and art skill can produce at this time, but now I have the information and steps and 12 months to do one for next year...  It's doable, I think.  Just as soon as I learn to use Print Shop.

However, I was just steered by an online friend to this lovely FREE herb calendar for 2012 created by Alice Cantrell and her daughter Anna.  The blog it is on is also a good read too!  Here is the link:

You can download this free PDF and print it and Alice has even given permission for you to use it as a gift for others and shows how you can dress it up to be one.

The calendar items were drawn by her 14 year old daughter who then digitally colored them.  And at the end is some nice straight forward information on each herb.  The best thing (in my opinion) is she included - and I think those were hand drawn - the moon phases on each month.  Since I am now tuned into the patterns of nature in herb gardening, like moon phases and day length as it effects my plants, this was a small but very useful addition to a calendar.  I plan to keep a copy out in the herb shed.

This would be the perfect gift for that January Birthday in your life or for yourself just to enjoy these great drawings.  I am putting mine up in the cubical at work to bring in a bit of greenery!  With wonderful people like Alice out there, maybe I don't need to make a calendar after all!

Please enjoy this little gift from Alice for your new year!

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  1. What a lovely idea for a January gift. Thanks for the addy too, a free one is great and I can make my own for next year.


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