Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are you Doing on Black Friday?

The Backyard Patch has engaged in a number of fun activities to promote the Holiday Shopping Weekend of Thanksgiving.

Personally I love to celebrate Thanksgiving with my friends and do very little shopping on Thanksgiving weekend, but this year I decided to support the SHOP SMALL movement.  I am going to several local shops on Saturday to spend my hard-earned cash and participating in several sales incentives through my e-commerce sites.

On ETSY (a great hand-crafted items cooperative) I have the bulk of my sales with Buy One, Get One on Herb Mixes, Herb Seasonings, Cider Blends, and Bath envelopes. And a 25% discount on Soup Mixes, Scone Mixes and Muffin Mixes. Use the code BFSoup25

On POPPY SWAP (an all-herb cooperative) I am giving free shipping all weekend.  Just use the code BYPfreeship on the site and I will mail anything you order on my dime!

I am also promoting the shops in a new venue called the Out of the Box Samplers.  Check out their special weekend promotion to find some great hand-made items.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember SHOP SMALL!

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