Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How To-sday - Making Peppered Rosemary Crackers

My Brother and Sister-in-Law stopped by for a visit in June and I made these crackers while we were watching Gettysburg (the 2 CD movie).  I am not much for war movies, so I needed to do something else while watching this epic.  The good part is we have a pass through into the livingroom so i could still watch.I
The crackers were finished just in time for the disc change so we stopped and enjoyed the crackers with cheese and wine before the second disc.  I served the crackers with Pinot Grigio and several cheeses from the Eau Galle Wisconsin Cheese factory that my family had brought with them.  The Asiago (an Eau Galle specialty) and Italian Cheeses were the best with the crackers.

This is a quick mix and you need only a few things.  A food processor, a rolling pin and a baking sheet.  With them you can create a unique addition to your snack or a dinner or even a wine and cheese party.  This has been such a hit with friends that we have decided to package the ingredients as a mix, so if you want to make it even simpler, pick up your Peppered Oat & Rosemary Crackers from the Backyard Patch.

Peppered Rosemary Oat Crackers

2 cups old-fashioned oats, pulsed in a food processor until finely chopped (makes about 1 2/3 cups when finished)
1/4 cup + 2 Tbls. all purpose flour
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. chopped rosemary
3/4 tsp. baking powder


Place the oats in a blender and pulse until you create a fine meal.

Add 1/2 stick cold unsalted butter (1/4 cup), cut into bits.  I cut the butter into the oats with two knives as my grandmother taught me to make pie crust.  You can also add the butter to the food processor instead.

Add the pepper, salt, rosemary and baking powder and continue until well blended. then add the milk and stir until a dough forms. (Again you can add milk to items in blender and pulse until dough forms, which takes only 15 seconds or so.)

Turn the dough out onto a floured surface.

Using a rolling pin roll the dough to cracker thinness, about 1/8 inch thick and about 13 to 15 inches around.

Cut the dough into squares about 1 to 1 1/2 inches square.  Then place those squares on a ungreased baking sheet about 1 inch apart.

Bake the crackers in the middle of the oven (only 1 tray at a time) for 12 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees.  They should be lightly brown on the bottom.  Transfer them to a rack and allow them to cool completely before eating or storing.  Store in an air-tight container.  The recipe makes 60 or more crackers. I think I got closer to 100, but mine were nearer 1 inch in size.  Serve with cheese or cheese spreads.

Crackers just out of the oven smell wonderfully savory with rich rosemary and a hint of pepper.  they are perfect served with any cheese!


  1. Hello
    You said in the recipe for crackers that you transfer them to a rack. Is that something you bought or made? Also silly question here, but if you are making them to eat right then how long do they take to completely cool?
    I love your recipes and was wondering if it would be ok if I put a few onto my website?

  2. Go ahead and share the recipes, that is fine. I link back would be nice.

    I just use a wire cookie rack to cool them. I picked it up at a garage sale and use it for my scones, cookies and crackers. It is great becasue the wire is close enough together the crackers don't fall through.

    For cooling it proably only took 1 to 2 minutes, becasue we were eating the first pan before hte second pan came out of the oven.

  3. Hi Marcy
    Thanks and I already have you blog rolled and I will give credit in the post for the recipe.

    I was thinking of using my oven rack but nah LOL...Ill keep an eye out for what you have, garage sales are in full bloom right now.


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