Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flood update - We have plants!

I was out at the garden better able to assess the issues and found my humor has returned.  The plants did some relocating which is amusing me to death.

Here is the Chives ready to bloom now making bedding friends with lambs ear.  The lambs ear is an edging plant I use mostly to mark the edge of the garden.  Then have moved inland....

They are easy to relocate so I will dig them and divide them and put them back where they came from.

There are a few lamb's ear in the Lady's mantle too!  I relocated these plants from my backyard garden when I moved.  I love the way dew catches on the leaves in the morning.  It is more an ornamental than an herb I use in my business, but it does have a few medicinal properties so I keep it around for personal use.

The surprize of the day was the  Ivy in the Wormwood.  I do not have any ivy in my herb garden, so I do not know where this came from.  It was very shallowly rooted, so I removed it and took it back to the apartment to use in a hanging basket.

wormwood (ivy at the top)

I trimmed the rue back last fall because it was hit hard by the drought, but it looks to be coming back strong and hearty now doesn't it!

The sage is doing well, but I think the leaves are a bit deformed, they look rather wrinkly to me.  None of the tender perennial sage, like Purple Sage or Tri-color Sage lived.  Although that may have been the drought or the winter rather than the flood.

The thyme has a lot of debris in it and has bare spots, but I am slowly raking it out. 

I will take two cuttings from the plants before I harvest any of these for use in the business just to make sure any flooded leaves are removed and I am harvesting only new growth to make into herb blends.  One can never be too careful with flooded plants.

The sweet woodruff was blooming which told me everything would be okay.  I did not plant this in the herb garden, it moved in here all on its own from one of the neighbors.  I let it stay because we used to have this growing under the pines at our house and it always reminds me of my first herb garden!

Things will soon be back to normal and I will have to decide how much soil do I want to truck in here in my little Nissan Versa to replace what was lost, or do I work with the plants in thier relocated positions..... Time will tell.

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