Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Shopping Stress Reducer

If the stress of holiday shopping gets to be too much, try a scent bag to help your brain and emotions get back into focus.

Just place the following blend of dried herbs into a muslin bag and slip into your purse or shopping bag.  When holiday shopping begins to take its toll, inhale the pouch’s scent to put aside your holiday headaches.  It also works well at family events, which can also be a bit stressing.

Purse Stress Reducer
        2 Tbls. Marjoram
        2 Tbls. Peppermint
        2 Tbls. Lavender
        2 Tbls. Orange Peel
        A few whole cloves

Stir together by hand and fill muslin bags.  This recipe makes enough for two bags.

If your stress is so high you don’t even have time to make these, check out our Purse Stress Reducer bags available in a heat sealed tea bag, packaged in an envelope:

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