Friday, December 13, 2013

Herb Gardening Books as gifts

Updated 12-19-2013 with Essential Herbal Magazine (see below)

The Holiday is right around the corner - Suddenly!  Okay, I have to admit two or three web shops, an online craft show, a Facebook page and a blog, might be more than one girl can handle.  However the Advent Calendar has been going up on schedule, so check out the great daily recipes now thru Dec. 25th on our Facebook page!

For today I thought I would share a few books you might want to get for the special gardening someone.
Several books impressed me enough to review them and these 4 are among those.  They are perfect for the seasoned and the beginning herb gardener and will become great references:

Herb Gardening from the Ground up by  Sal Gilbertie
The Encyclopedia of Herbs by Arthur Tucker and Thomas DeBaggio
Homegrown Herbs by Tammi Hartung

In addition I recommend the Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs.  It is still my go to book for an overview of soil needs, growing season and what to look for in plant heights and flower colors.  It also has information on making gifts, cooking and dying with herbs that I still use to this day!  It was the first book in my herb library.

For the person who grows from seed, I recommend a copy of Park's Success with Herbs.  Put together by the Park Seed Company it is great on growing conditions and it shows pictures of seedlings so you know what not to pluck out of the ground when weeding.  I found this especially helpful when I first started herb gardening, and it was a gift from a friend.

Just last week my twitter feed turned me on to another book that I think I might have to get for myself:

Midwest Gardeners Handbook the author Melinda Meyers was chatting on @Mikenow gardenchat and answering questions.  The book is perfect for the unique growing conditions we deal with all over the midwest!

No reading selection would be complete without mentioning periodicals.  Many of the periodicals on herbs
have gone out of business this last couple years.  Herb Roots Zine is great for medicinal herbs. Mother Earth News Living is what Herb Companion became.  Have not read it so I cannot say how it is.

But if you want an all around covers all aspects of herbs for the beginner to the advanced, you need to check out The Essential Herbal Magazine.  (DISCLAIMER: I am a regular contributor to this magazine, but that is not why I think it is great!)  The new edition just arrived so it is the perfect time for gift subscriptions!  Tell them Marcy sent you!

And finally sometimes a book that has no words is also perfect.  A blank book on a garden theme so you can create a garden journal or wish book is never a bad gift for a gardener.  I have gotten many over the years and cherish each one!


  1. A great selection of books, Marcy! Particularly love the Tammi Hartung book. Thanks for the suggestions. xo

  2. Thank you and Happy Holidays! Loved your give away! Next time you go to Chagrin Falls we should try to meet up!


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