Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tea Infused Hot Chocolate

I will reach for a cup of tea any long cold day or night.  In truth I drink hot tea almost any time of year.  My husband has been enjoying Hot Cocoa in his Coffee for several years now.  When he was diagnosed with diabetes he stopped enjoying this until he discovered the happiness of Backyard Patch Sugar-free Hot Cocoa (It is amazing what he does not pay any attention to that I make until he needs it!)

His obsession with cocoa in his coffee got me to thinking, how would it taste in tea?  Since tea and milk go well together, this seemed like a great pairing.  So I did an experiment and came up with this recipe.

Hot Cocoa Tea

1 tsp. tea
          (any mint herbal tea is perfect, an oolong is a rich counter part and Chai was made for milk anyway)

1 cup of milk

3 1/2 Tbls. sugar (or sugar substitute equivalent)

2 Tbls. cocoa powder (dutch processed)

Make one cup of tea and set aside.  Mix together the milk, cocoa and sugar. in a small pot and heat on the stove.  Stir constantly to keep the milk from scalding.  Once the milk is hot add the tea and bring back to a simmer (no bubbles) and whisk the ingredients.  Pour into a mug and enjoy.  (Makes one super sized serving for one or two smaller servings to share.)

Alternative with instant mixes

Make 1 cup of instant cocoa with water from 1 cup of steeped tea.  Whisk the cocoa for a richness of flavor and enjoy with a cinnmon or peppermint stick.

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